About Us

Piado is an independent fashion brand that currently focuses on the basics. Piado’s aim is to turn the basics of clothing from simple necessities into fashion items. Piado Style is defined by distinct fabrics, modern and sophisticated design and eco-conscious products.

Our Products

Our products aren’t overly-complicated, but they’re your favorite. Our images aren’t painstakingly photoshopped, but they feel familiar and that feels good. We aim for perfection but find growth in missing the mark: this is the perfect balance of Richer Poorer. Somewhere in between the highs and lows, this is where you’ll find us living every day.

Our Employees

Our employees believe in us because we believe in them, and together we are going places. We dig nice people and ethical factories not because it’s good for business, but because it’s the right thing to do. No egos, no a-holes, just good people working with other good people, making your favorite clothes.

At Piado the design is pushed to the limit, our background enable us to think beyond the norm, and we strive to make products with substance; not over designed, not over publicized, but exclusive and unique as our audience.

Piado was started with a deep desire to put style into the one piece of clothing that is quite frankly unseen and often overlooked. Comfort, quality of materials and shopping convenience is what drive us to change men underwear sector.


"Piado is one of the finest underwear on the market. They are extremely well made, the most comfortable I've had on my body and look great."
Seth C., Customer